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Social Research Centre

Social Research Centre

The Social Research Centre (SRC) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) is an interdisciplinary, social science research unit housed within the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities.

At the SRC, we strive to deliver high-quality research for projects from both inside and outside the university. Inside the university, our clients consist of faculty researchers, who are looking for assistance with their research projects, or administrators, who may be looking for an evaluation of currently implemented programs or procedures. Outside the university, in the greater Durham Region community, the SRC services clients in both the public and private sector who provide social services to the community at large. 

The research done by the SRC is heavily client-driven, wherein we will explore the perceived research needs of the client and create an appropriate research plan to properly suit these needs. In addition to consulting on a general research plan, we are able to facilitate almost all kinds of research to gather the necessary information our clients may seek. The SRC is capable and skilled in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other research approaches the client may need.

In addition to providing research services to the university and community at large, the SRC is heavily focused on student engagement and mentorship. At the SRC, we strive to support student learning through our research projects, and regularly have students volunteering and working at the centre. As we are housed at UOIT, we feel strongly that students are given the chance to learn and grow through what we do at the SRC. If you would like to work or volunteer, at the SRC, please visit our Training and education page for more information.

One final area the SRC is developing is a workshop series to train students and community members about practical issues pertaining to applying research approaches and methodologies. These workshops are currently in development; however, if you have a particular topic of interest, please fill out our form on the Workshop page within the Training and education tab and we will consider it while planning out our workshop series. If we are not doing a public workshop, we may be able to offer a private seminar on the topic.

For more information, please continue to browse through our website; however, if you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to contact us at either, or e-mail the Director personally at