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Our services

The Social Research Centre (SRC) is a full-service social science research facility and offers a wide range of in-house services to both internal (university) and external clients. Our staff work closely with partners to develop customized solutions that best fit the goals of the client's project and organization.

We employ best practices in social science research methodology and analysis to produce high-quality results. To that end, we rely on a variety of social science methods and analytical software and when necessary, we consult with subject matter experts to assist with project planning and execution. Our expertise lies in applying social science research methodology and analytical techniques to real-world projects. We offer customized research services for any and all phases of research projects.

Phases of research

  • Design phase

    The design phase includes working with our partners to formulate the research questions, define the study population or client base, select the appropriate sampling and data-collection techniques, work on budget, and design the analysis and reporting plan. 

  • Data-collection phase

    The data-collection phase includes working with our partners to design the data-collection instruments, obtaining Research Ethics Board approval if necessary, and manage the data-collection process. Our team relies on a variety of social science methods, including: 

    Quantitative and qualitative research methods: 

    • focus groups (in-person, virtual)
    • interviewing (in-person, virtual, telephone)
    • literature reviews
    • program evaluation (needs assessment, process, outcome)
    • surveys (web-based, in-person)
  • Reporting phase

    The reporting phase includes analyzing the data and presenting results and recommendations in a written report and/or presentation for our partners. Our team utilizes only the most reliable analytical software, including: 

     Analytical tools: 

What we offer

  • Research services
    The centre will evaluate and recommend certain services based on best practices and the needs of the client. Our services can be utilized separately or bundled together, which include: 
    • initial consultations
    • survey design and coding
    • Research Ethics Board (REB) applications
    • data collection
    • data cleaning
    • analysis
    • report writing
    • literature reviews
    • interviews
    • focus groups
    • program evaluations
    • product evaluations

    Quite often, we are asked about the topics we cover. During a consultation, we discuss the needs of an organization and what they are looking for in their research. Topics we have covered in the past, include:

    • academic research 
    • charity 
    • general business surveys
    • HIV/AIDS
    • housing 
    • poverty
    • substance abuse 
    • workforce 
  • Workshops

    The SRC provides informational and interactive workshops for those interested in learning more about the research process or conducting their own research. Workshops are typically held in-house at Ontario Tech University, or an outside location, but are currently on hold due to the ongoing pandemic. 

    Learn more on our Workshops web page.

    View previous community outreach workshops by visiting Community Engagement

If you'd like to learn more about the exact services we offer or are interested in booking a consultation, please contact us directly