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Our Team

At the Social Research Centre (SRC), we are committed to helping train the next generation of social science researchers. Our student workers receive practical, hands-on experience in all aspects of applied social science research, including study and questionnaire design, data collection, analysis and presentation.

The SRC relies heavily on its staff and as such, we feel it is important to highlight each of them. If you would like to learn more about our team, please scroll through the tabs below. 

Brendan Nolan


Brendan Nolan successfully graduated from Ontario Tech University with a major in Political Science and a minor in Communications. He began volunteering in 2017 and is now a valuable part of the SRC team. He is interested in Canadian politics and how government policies affect citizens on a macro level. His work at the SRC has helped him develop an understanding of how policy affects people on all levels. He is interested in dealing with public and government relations as well as the development and sustainability of the Durham Region. In working for Ontario Tech, his goal is to help better the community, while developing his own skills along the way.


Brendan Nolan
Ontario Tech University
61 Charles Street Building, DTA 203
Oshawa, Ontario
905.721.8668 ext.5687

Alice Asquith, Community Engagement Officer


Alice Asquith is a third-year undergraduate student at Ontario Tech University majoring in Communications and Digital Media Studies. She became a community engagement officer for the SRC in the spring of 2020 to further strengthen and expand her communication strategy and execution as well as explore business development, survey analysis and content marketing. Her aspirations post-graduation include pursuing a vocation that will allow her to utilize her skills developed at the SRC to inspire the up and coming generations. 


Alice Asquith
Ontario Tech University
61 Charles St Building, DTA 203
Oshawa, ON
905.721.8668 ext.6742